Their most important task is to remove as much dirt as possible. Our offer features a broad range of products adapted to different surfaces. Scourers are useful for fast cleaning of dishes, pots, pans, ceramics, and plastics.

Traditional mops

The traditional floor mop is one of the most popular and most frequently selected products. It allows for perfect collection of dirt and any impurities accumulated on the floor. Our offer features a broad range of products adapted to different surfaces.


Cleaning cloths ensure a perfect result. They are used to wipe dust, remove dirt, and to clean windows. Our offer features a broad range of products adapted to different surfaces.

Flat mops

Professional flat mops for cleaning and disinfecting floors. Flat mops collect even the smallest dirt particles. Perfect for domestic and professional purposes. Our offer features a broad range of products adapted to different surfaces.

Bath sponge

A product that cleanses and massages the skin. Shaped so that it fits the hand perfectly. A fundamental element of every bathroom accessory base.

We make every effort to meet the expectations of our customers

We prepare products for international distributors who supply the largest distributive networks. Our production standard is multi-stage rigorous quality control. Given the characteristics and scale of our operations, we are looking for big business partners in the development of exports who will be able to sell our products under their own brand.


At our core, our business is about the production of metallized scourers, universal scourers, cloths, traditional mops, and flat mops, which are intended for professional and domestic purposes. All products offered by us are made from the highest quality materials and are used to remove impurities accumulated on various surfaces. In addition, the range of our products includes proprietary solutions and technologies found nowhere else. This guarantees the uniqueness and competitiveness of our products on the market!


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Gentle and effective scourers for cleaning dishes and other surfaces.


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Designed to collect dirt and any debris accumulated on the floor.


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They do not leave any streaks and are designed for cleaning various surfaces.


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Flat mops for cleaning and disinfecting floors. Perfect for domestic and professional purposes.


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They cleanse and massage the skin. Shaped to perfectly fit the hand.

Production under the buyer’s brand

Depending on the needs, we prepare an individual offer and propose the best solutions that allow us to introduce our items to the brand’s portfolio. We are constantly modernizing our production line, carrying out tests, and examining the usability and quality of produced scourers, cloths, mops, and sponges. All of our actions are designed to provide our customers with the certainty that the product launched for sale is of impeccable quality. Our production offer is directed to big trading companies interested in expanding their product range not only in items of high quality, but also selected by recipients. We therefore advise not only on the products, but also on packaging and presentation. We are characterized by high reliability, respect for deadlines, and support of our wholesale customers. We look forward to working with you!


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