Dishwashing pads

Scouring sponges

We are a Polish manufacturer of scouring sponges. Our offer features all-purpose scourers for dishes and other surfaces. If you wash dishes by hand, you need reliable accessories such as scouring sponges. A scouring sponge is a practical and necessary element in every kitchen. It is the most popular dishwashing accessory.

All-purpose scouring pads

Our scouring pads are distinguished by their delicacy. A sponge scourer will perfectly cope with the heaviest dirt. It will remove dirt and give shine to the cleaned surface. That said, its greatest advantage is that the scouring pad does not absorb dirt and is very easy to clean.

Use of kitchen scourers

The kitchen scourers featured in our offer are intended for cleaning all surfaces such as: pots, pans, Teflon, tableware, glass, crystal, ceramics, aluminum, and plastics. The biggest advantage of our scourers is that they remove dirt and do not damage the surface, leaving it streak and scratch free.

Kitchen scourers offer

Our current offer of kitchen scourers is mainly metallized scourers, universal scourers with silver ions, and wire scourers. The metallized pad is a delicate and effective kitchen scourer that will work well for cleaning Teflon, pots, pans, ceramics, and tableware. The universal pad with silver ions is a delicate and effective kitchen scourer manufactured in nanotechnology with silver ions, containing antibacterial protection. The wire scourer is perfect for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces.

Private label kitchen scourers

The kitchen scourers featured in our assortment are good quality products available at a reasonable price, which we also create for our clients’ own brands. Our scourers under the buyer’s brand are available in the largest retail chains in Poland and Europe. As a leading supplier of metallized scourers, we make best efforts to ensure that our own brand products are distinguished by a wide range of designs and superior quality of accessories.

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