Traditional mops

Traditional mops

We are a Polish manufacturer of traditional mops. It is the most common cleaning product. The traditional mop allows for perfect collection of dirt and any dirt collected on the floor. We offer a wide selection of traditional mops that are perfect for everyday use. Traditional mops are a product that is intended for cleaning and disinfecting floors.

Wide range of traditional mops

Our traditional mops are designed for cleaning various surfaces. Our product range includes: a perforated mop, a super absorbent mop, a string mop, a viscose mop and a microfiber mop. Choosing the right mop depends on the preferences and expectations of customers. The big advantage of our products is that they reach all nooks and crannies and are very comfortable to use.

Universal conventional mops

Traditional mops are perfect for cleaning all surfaces, such as: panels, terracotta, tiles, floor with a non-uniform structure. The high-quality materials used by us allow for excellent collection of dirt while at the same time absorbing a large amount of moisture from the cleaned surface.

Traditional mops for private labels

Traditional mops that we have in our assortment are good quality products at a reasonable price, which we also create for our clients’ own brands. Our traditional mops under the buyer’s brand are offered in Poland and Europe in major retail chains. As a leading supplier of mops for home use, we make every effort to ensure that our own brand products are distinguished by the high quality of the accessories offered.

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