Household cloths

We offer cloths which form an inseparable element of every kitchen. A household cloth is a helpful everyday accessory which ensures a perfect cleaning effect. Thanks to our professional cloths, maintaining order becomes easier. The cleaning cloths are ideal for dusting, removing dirt and cleaning windows. Their biggest advantage is that you do not have to apply any special chemicals while using them. For cleaning dirty surfaces just use water.

Universal microfibre cloths

Our multi-purpose microfibre cloths include special formula to clean the most delicate surfaces. Their greatest advantage is that they do not leave streaks on the cleaned surface. Microfibre cloths can be used dry or wet. They absorb water very well and are reusable.

Viscose household cloths

The household cloths assortment also includes products that are made of viscose. Viscose cloths are ideal for washing and polishing surfaces. The cloth is made of perforated nonwoven fabric which absorbs water and dirt perfectly.

Kitchen cloths

The kitchen cloths we offer are used for cleaning, wiping tables, removing all stains and splashes. In addition, our professional cloths are suitable for cleaning furniture and glass. Thanks to their high quality, our kitchen cloths are resistant to mechanical damage. They are soft to the touch, durable and absorbent.

Private label kitchen cloths

The private label cleaning cloths included in our assortment are good quality products at a fair price that we also produce for our Customers’ private labels. Our private label cleaning cloths are offered in Poland and Europe in the largest retail chains. As a leading supplier of kitchen cloths we make every effort to ensure that our private label products are distinguished by a wide range of designs and high quality of offered accessories

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