Find out about our sponge offer

We are a Polish manufacturer of sponges. We offer a cellulose sponge, bath sponge, magic sponge and a body wash. The care sponges offered by us are perfect for bathing. Thanks to a special profile, they fit perfectly to the hand. A bath sponge is also perfect as a massage product.

Cellulose sponge

The cellulose sponge, unlike traditional body sponges, differs in its natural origin of the raw material used for production. The cellulose sponge we offer has many applications. Perfect for washing the body, removing make-up, for all spa treatments, but also for washing dishes and other surfaces that require scratch-free cleaning. It is a hypoallergenic and biodegradable product.

Body washcloth

Our assortment also includes body washers that can be used for bathing, massage, and body scrub. Thanks to their structure, they will cope with the removal of dead skin.

Magic sponge

Our offer also includes a magic sponge, which is perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces. Perfectly copes with any dirt. The magic sponge will remove traces of crayons and markers on the wall, remove coffee and tea deposits, and deal with greasy stains on the walls.

Sponges for private label

The sponges that we have in our assortment are good-quality products at a reasonable price, which we also create for our clients’ private labels. Our products under the buyer’s brand are offered in Poland and Europe in the largest retail chains. As a supplier of bath sponges, bath washers, cellulose sponges and magic sponges, we make every effort to ensure that our products under our own brands are distinguished by a wide range of patterns and high quality of the accessories offered.

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